Comedian Andy Samberg will reunite with his former Saturday Night Live co-star when he makes a March guest appearance on Parks & Recreation with Amy Poehler. Samberg is easily the breakout star among the current cast, ushering in their popular "SNL Digital Short" segments, and bringing a youthful energy to the cast. Plus, he does a killer Mark Wahlberg talking to animals!

On Parks, Samberg will be playing the head of security for Pawnee's parks, putting him at odds with Leslie when she feels he slacked in his duties after a resident is accosted. NBC told Zap2It that Samberg will be filming his appearance now, as Saturday Night Live is going on hiatus during the Olympics, thus freeing up his schedule.

What that means is that the entire cast is freed up to moonlight on other shows. Hell, it probably wouldn't hurt the NBC line-up at all to sprinkle them around a bit. Certainly the Thursday night comedies could find a way to utilize them. Seth Meyers could be brought in to co-manage TGS on 30 Rock, creating a somewhat ironic reunion of the former "Weekend Update" co-hosts.

Perhaps even better, they could have Pierce (Chevy Chase) on Community get hired as a broadcaster for a college news program, only to be forced to work with Seth Meyers. In the end, only one anchor can win! What guest spots would you put the SNL cast members in?

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