Those who are eager to get to see Charlie Sheen back on the small screen will have the opportunity soon enough when the comedy series debuts on FX later next month. After months of teaser and lots of speculation, FX has finally seen fit to give us a few peeks at their upcoming comedy series Anger Management.

FX has been generous on the teasers for Anger Management, offering teasers for the comedy series and even a look behind the scenes at the set for the series. But we haven't really gotten a look at the actual show until now. Here are a few very brief clips from the series, which has Sheen playing an anger management therapist. I

This first one has Sheen bantering with Brian Austin Green…

Interesting to see Green there as I didn't see his name on the cast list. I wonder if it's a recurring role or just a guest spot.

And here Charlie is talking about the ethics of having sex with a patient…

Finally, we have Charlie accepting the role of the "stupid therapist."

All in all, what we have are a couple of cute moments, but thirty seconds of show (much of which was the title and tune-in info) isn't quite enough to go on in really forming an opinion on the series just yet. But it's a start, right? And so far, it seems like Sheen's character here would have gotten along well with the late Charlie Harper.

Anger Management premieres June 28 at 9:00 p.m. ET on FX.

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