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Anger Management Teaser: Charlie Sheen Died... And Went To FX

FX doesn’t typically shy away from dark. In fact, the network’s sort made a name for itself with its darker tone, so it should come as no surprise that they’d promote the upcoming comedy Anger Management with a bit of dark humor, which in this case, comes in the form of Charlie Sheen in a casket.?

Two and a Half Men’s Charlie Harper may have met his demise, but Sheen returns to television this June when FX’s comedy series Anger Management premieres.

"Charlie Sheen died... and went to FX." Sounds sort of ominous...

?With the exception of Sheen’s involvement, the teaser shows us nothing about the actual series. But for now, Sheen’s return to television in a starring role is certainly a good enough card to play, or at least, to have a little fun with until we get closer to June, after which we’ll hopefully get some actual Anger Management video to further entice us to tune in for the series.

Anger Management premieres June 28 on FX.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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