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Animated Classic Reboot Is Getting A Reboot

Some fictional properties have titles that seem to imply they won’t continue, like The Last Exorcism. (That film did indeed get a sequel.) The 1990s animated series ReBoot, however, was destined to get a reimagining from the get-go, and it’s officially on the way now. Will a new generation of computer-savvy audiences find something to fall in love with?

Rainmaker Entertainment is spinning ReBoot into a brand new series as the original celebrates the 20th anniversary of its debut – ReBoot is almost old enough to drink now – and it’s even got a new name and a logo. Check it out below.


ReBoot: The Guardian Code is in the opening stages of development, according to The Huffington Post. Rainmaker president Michael Hefferon said last year that his studio is working with an online company to bring the show back to audiences, and apparently they’ve cooked up a legitimate idea here. If The Guardian Code is going to end up the same as the remake that Hefferon has talked about in the past, it’s going to be focused more on attracting audiences of all ages. Call me crazy, but I’m guessing we won’t see any Grand Theft Auto references in ReBoot’s future. That’s not a knock against it, though. Smart, cool-looking series are always welcome, regardless of what demographic is meant to enjoy them.

There apparently aren’t any networks already signed up to bring ReBoot to audiences yet, but Rainmaker is reportedly looking to the Canadian-English network YTV, which aired it the first time. Here in the U.S., it aired on ABC, CBS and Cartoon Network. Pretty sure the latter will have access to it almost immediately. The initial series was one of the first to fully embrace the CGI technology at the time, and the sky is the limit for what they can do with today’s computers.

Talks about a rebooted film trilogy have been milling about since around 2007, when Rainmaker Animation came into being, and they were officially announced in 2008. It seemed very likely that at least one of the movies would get made, as the teaser below was released in 2009. However, the plans fizzled out in later years and nothing ever became of it.

Are you guys ready to see ReBoot bring a more modern sense of technology to today’s iPad-holding youths? Are you also ready to tell them about the reboot of ReBoot’s reboot that’ll happen when they’re older?

Nick Venable

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