Anna Kendrick is something of a Hollywood rarity. She’s gone from the glitzy world of Twilight to the musical stage of Pitch Perfect to horror comedies like Rapture-Palooza and the upcoming Life After Beth, all the while retaining almost universal adoration from the Internet and her loving Twitter followers. Her next legitimacy-building project is hosting this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, and she teamed up with cast member Taran Killam for a wide variety of promos that range from “super corny” to “worthy of an off-off-off-Broadway theater.”

The first gag is about what you’d expect from an SNL ad, as Kendrick is blissfully unaware of what day the episode is supposed to tape, despite the name of the show answering all of her questions. Two things went through my head as this went on: “Does this joke really go on for three minutes?” and “Have they really made it 39 years without ever using that joke before?” Luckily, the first answer was “No,” and then I forgot about the second part by the time Killam started mouthing soundless showtunes.

I don’t think I’m surprising anyone by saying this video peaks when Kendrick offers up the mental image of herself wearing a bikini made of bacon while having a tickle fight with puppies. Not only would that be more fun than this promo, but it would probably be more entertaining than the entire episode itself. Unless they had like, Bacon Bikini Jeopardy or something.

And it’s no shock that both actors’ musical talents show up multiple times. You know the old saying; “The Saturday Night Live family that harmonizes together caramelizes together. “ (Or something like that.)

So tune in on Saturday night to watch this Olympic level diver's personality ooze all over the place, and keep an ear out for the hat guru musical guest Pharrell Williams, who recently announced he’d be replacing Cee Lo Green as a judge on NBC’s The Voice. I’m betting we’ll see some cross-promotion during the show. Have they done a skit called The Smell yet?

Below you can watch Kendrick stopping by Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about Jared Leto’s hair and her friends’ advice on taking her first SNL hosting gig. She could probably just read IKEA instruction booklets and make it sound interesting and silly. What a gal.

But will she do better than Louis C.K.’s hosting gig last week? Can she possibly top…Black Jeopardy?

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