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Just like how Arrow and The Flash like to have their respective characters crossing over to the other show, now they’re getting the opportunity to appear on a third show through Legends of Tomorrow. Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, Laurel Lance and Cisco Ramon will all stop by the new DC series, but it won’t be all good guys interacting with the main team. Two months ago, we learned that current Arrow antagonist Damien Darhk will make an appearance, and now word is in that Ra’s al Ghul, Oliver Queen’s nemesis from Season 3, will also antagonize the time travelers.

Matt Nable will reprise his role as the former Demon’s Head in Legends of Tomorrow Episode 9, titled "Left Behind." Comicbook.com isn’t sure whether this will be the present-day Ra’s al Ghul who either survived/was resurrected, or a past version of him; but either way, he’s bound to be trouble for Rip Hunter’s gang of heroes and villains. The show’s main antagonist is Vandal Savage, who we met in this year’s The Flash/Arrow crossover, but with both Damien and Ra’s in the picture, their mission will be a lot harder.


After Oliver survived their mountaintop duel in the episode “The Climb,” Ra’s al Ghul spent the remainder of Arrow Season 3 trying to get the Emerald Archer to become his successor. When Oliver declined, Ra’s sent his League of Assassins minions to carry out attacks on then-Starling City, and it got so bad that Oliver eventually pretended to accept the title. In the Season 3 finale, Ra’s planned to unleash the Alpha-Omega virus to destroy Oliver’s home in order to complete the transfer of power. With no other options, Oliver killed him in another duel so that his city would be kept safe from any other attacks…well, from Ra’s attacks, anyway. It’s still a target for every other villain that wanders through.

Since this is a comic book show, death typically doesn’t stick as often, so it is possible that Ra’s could somehow come back to life. However, Ra’s’ daughter Nyssa rendered the Lazarus Pit useless following Sara’s resurrection, so unless there’s another Pit around or another means of bringing him back, Ra’s is likely staying dead in the present. Since the Legends of Tomorrow team will be traveling across time, it’s plausible they would run into a younger Ra’s, and presumably it would be at a time when he’s still leading the League of Assassins. Also, since Malcolm Merlyn, a.k.a. the new Ra’s al Ghul, is familiar with Savage, it stands to reason his predecessor was too, and perhaps they joined forces at one point, and the “legends” are forced to stop them.

Legends of Tomorrow will premiere on Thursday, January 21 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.