Another New TV Episode Is Being Pulled From Cable Because Of The Paris Attacks

The attacks that took place in Paris over the weekend were devastating both politically and personally, and shows of support for France have emerged on just about every front. Even television networks have been rearranging their schedules so as to not make light of the tragedy, and several series have delayed episodes with content that is questionable given the current situation. The latest to pull an episode from the schedule has been TNT’s Legends. Here's what the network has to say:

As a result of the recent tragic events in Paris, tonight’s originally scheduled episode of Legends has been postponed. Our thoughts and condolences are with the victims and their families.

It’s no surprise that Legends may have content the network felt was inappropriate in the current climate. Starring Sean Bean, the show follows the exploits of Martin Odum as an FBI agent who possesses the ability to transform himself into a different person for each job. As those jobs tends to turn episodes into mini action-thrillers with a fair share of violence, it’s safe to bet that the episode that was pulled would be insensitive to audiences.

The episode - entitled "The Legend of Curtis Ballard" - would have seen Martin racing against the clock in the search for Kate Crawford in Paris. He's convinced that the peaceful protest that she is attending may become violent, thanks to the radical beliefs of her friend Ifti who may just stir up trouble for everybody involved. Although now there's time to wait before it hits the airwaves, you can check out the trailer for "The Legend of Curtis Ballard" below:

The Paris attacks of this past weekend are not the only instance of real-life tragedy motivating networks to make a shuffle of their lineups out of respect, and changing the order of any episodes that are more procedural than serial is a simple enough gesture. Even more gory shows such as The Walking Dead did not alter the episode to air, but there’s really no episode of The Walking Dead past or future that would have the Paris-setting Legends was expected to have this week. Plus, a show such as Legends, which features characters and action set in a real world without zombies or mythical creatures to desensitize viewers to any violence, is wise to go the tactful route when it comes to programming.

Legends joins ITV’s Jekyll and Hyde and CBS’s NCIS: LA and Supergirl as dramas that have pulled episodes and/or shuffled the order of airing them in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Legends airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on TNT.

Laura Hurley
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