FX has been busy putting together what might be the most promising and hilarious Thursday night line-up found on any network. The new comedy block not only includes the return of Louie and Wilfred, as well as the debut of Russel Brand's Strangely Uplifting, but also Charlie Sheen's highly anticipated new comedy Anger Management. FX has yet to release any material for Brand's project but the network has been busy promoting the rest of the line-up with a few great spots for Wilfredas well as a fantastic, Woody Allen inspired tease, for the third season of Louis C.K.'s Louie.

And the network isn't busy just building buzz for their returning programs because the promotional campaign for Sheen's show has also started and, even though neither the first look nor this new tease feature any actual footage from the comedy, they still manage to pique my curiosity for the troubled actor's twenty-fourth chance. You'll get that joke in a second, here's the tease.

While the first teaser for Anger Management was certainly not shy about addressing Sheen's Two and a Half Men uh, deadly departure, this time the focus is squarely on the very public meltdown that followed. Sheen already addressed his erratic behavior immediately after his relationship with CBS came to an end on several talk-shows, admitting he's clearly not proud of any of the craziness and you not only have to admire his honesty but also his willingness to poke fun at himself. The warlock actually seems relatively down to Earth when not on a universe full of drugs and I always enjoyed his comedies before the terribly broad and boring Two and a Half Men.

Anger Management is a very loose adaptation of the film starring Jack Nicholson as an unconventional therapist treating Adam Sandler's anger issues, with Sheen stepping into the role of the therapist. It premieres Thursday, June 28 at 9 p.m. ET on FX (with back to back episodes). It stars Charlie Sheen, Selma Blair and Shawnee Smith.

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