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The Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead has become one of the biggest and most talked about television mysteries in recent memory. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan has arrived, and someone is dead; now it’s just a matter of finding out which member of Rick Grimes’ group no longer has a head. Fans have pressed the cast and crew of the hit AMC series for details about the death over the last week, but now it seems that even Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd doesn’t even know whom Negan killed.

A new report from Digital Spy indicates that The Walking Dead Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd addressed the fan concerns at a recent screening for Fear The Walking Dead:
You'll be out of your misery very soon in the new season - and I guess so will somebody else! I want to know what happens next too - believe me! Honestly, I do not know who it is.

So based upon what Gale Anne Hurd has to say about the Season 6 finale, it looks as though even she has been left in the dark about the death. She reassured the fans at the screening that their questions would receive an answer in time, but even major behind the scenes players from the show such as herself have not been made privy to that sort of confidential information. This lends some credence to the rumors that The Walking Dead has not even filmed the grisly scene yet.

If what she’s saying is true, then it seems that we can stop trying to dissect the final scene from The Walking Dead’s sixth season (seen below) for possible clues regarding the death:

At this point I genuinely don’t know whom to believe. While several members of the cast and crew have asserted that they don’t know who will die when Season 7 premieres, others have claimed that the do know, that it’s heartbreaking, and that they won’t tell us anymore than that. I fully understand why everyone working at The Walking Dead would want to pull us in this many directions; this is basically one of the biggest television mysteries since “Who shot J.R?” That being said, it makes it incredibly difficult to trust anything that any of these people say.

We can only really trust one part of Gale Anne Hurd’s statement: we will learn the truth soon enough. Greg Nicotero has already begun practicing the special effects for when Negan’s beloved Lucille busts open the victim’s skull, so whatever happens, we can rest assured knowing that it likely won’t disappoint.

What do you think of Gale Anne Hurd’s recent statement? Can she be trusted, or do you think she actually does know whom Negan kills next season on The Walking Dead? Let us know what you think in the comments, as well as whom you think will end up on the receiving end of that major beating.

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