Arrow, the CW’s highest rated and most loved new series, recently was given a renewal order by the network. Now, the network has put together a lengthy trailer focusing on the highlights of the whole month in Arrow footage. From sexual attraction to motorcycle chases, we’ve got all the upcoming highlights. If you aren’t really excited about spoilers or even semi-spoilers, you may not want to click on the video or even read forward.

Any trailer that features Spartacus’ Manu Bennett is a winner for me, and this one features Bennett and series lead Stephen Amell’s characters working together in the series. Additionally, fans are treated to some flashbacks, as well as some warnings from those close to the superhero, stating he “doesn’t see clearly” when it comes to Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) which apparently holds true when things heat up romantically, as well.

It’s only been a day since Arrow was renewed by the CW, but the network is not finished throwing its full support and confidence behind its freshman superhero drama. As well it should. The CW doesn’t get a big hit all that often and the fact that the premiere for Arrow was the highest premiere since 2009 says good things about the new program. So, if you stopped tuning in thinking the show might get the axe, you definitely don’t need to fear investing in the drama and finding the show cancelled anytime soon.

Arrow airs on the CW Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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