It's been three weeks since Arrow was last seen on The CW. Apparently, there was some global sporting event that kept the network from airing any new episodes of the crime-fighter and his ever expanding crew cleaning the streets of Starling City. At least the last battle 'Team Arrow' fought was a big enough showdown to serve as a mid-mid-season finale with "Heir to the Demon" featuring the series' first encounter with an actual al Ghul, not low level henchmen in the League of Assassins.

Coming face to face with the people hunting her could have ended (poorly for) Sara, not to mention her family and her fellow crime-fighters but instead it allowed for the Canary to come out of the shadows. Of course, not everyone was as welcoming as Oliver or Detective and Mrs. Lance, with Laurel and Felicity both feeling a bit put out by her presence. "Time of Death" continues to explore the complications that resulted from Sara's 'resurrection' while also introducing a well known DCU villain for Team Arrow to stop.

5. Clock King
Speaking of the well known DCU villain of the week, "Time of Death" featured Clock King also known as William Tockman. Tockman was played by the great Robert Knepper, probably best known for his role on Prison Break, and we're introduced to his character mid-robbery as he precisely navigates his grunts, former inmates of Iron Heights, through Kord Industries to grab the skeleton key. But no Blue Beetle. Yet. Why does Clock King desperately need this skeleton key? Well, he's dying of McGregor's Syndrome, just like Mr. Freeze's wife in the atrocious Batman & Robin, and wants some cash to leave for his family. The heroes are able to thwart the next robbery because Tockman's diversion only requires one member of the team to leave the scene.

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