Amongst all the build up to our hero's first encounter with an al Ghul, The CW forgot to highlight that once "Heir to the Demon" was over, audiences would have to wait three weeks for the next Arrow. Olympics, schmolympics. Let's look at it like a mid-season finale for the second half of the second season. Right? Maybe not, however, the episode did feature enough action to make it feel like an event with Katrina Law's (titular) guest spot featuring four or five big set-pieces. Yet, as exciting as the fight and/or chase sequences were, I had two major issues with "Heir to the Demon," both of which will be discussed as part of their respective DCU tie-in. Here's a hint, they both have to do with the end. But first...

4. The Bloods
Unlike last week's "Tremors," which was jam-packed with DCU references, "Heir to the Demon" was rather quiet on the easter egg front because it was so focused on the main conflict. The episode did find a way to work in Sebastian Brother Blood, however, with the mayoral candidate and second season underboss showing up to gently threaten his new competitor in the Starling City municipal election. After threatening the Queen matriarch, Blood is able to stay on Ollie's good side but can't convince Moira to back out. That job will now be handled by this year's big bad, Deathstroke. Even though there was no time spent on Lian Yu, the one-eyed mercenary still made a brief appearance in the present storyline to let us know that Mrs. Queen is under his purview.

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