Right after Arrow fans finally got their first look at Ra's al Ghul -- Season 3's big bad and still-suspected Canary killer (despite the twist) -- The CW's superhero series stalled the serialized momentum with a villain-of-the-week. And also unlike last week's “The Magician,” the fifth installment's episodic adventure didn't feature many references to the DCU either. However, “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak” did focus on Arrow's most lovable character, so the lack of a lot of easter eggs is easily forgiven.

The episode was originally titled "Oracle," but the writers chose to go with the popular DC moniker of 'Secret Origins' instead. Perhaps they are saving the former for Felicity's spin-off? That wouldn't be a bad idea. In the meantime, the I.T. girl (another good title) is still working for Ray Palmer (aka The Atom) at Queen Consolidated during the day and fighting (the rebranded) Star City's crime at night. And, since she's the star of the installment, the villain-of-the-week is obviously computer-related as well as tied into her origin story.

When 'hacktivist' group Brother Eye starts comparing their end game to the earthquake and the siege, Captain Lance knows he needs help from the Smoak. She's a bit preoccupied by a visit from Mom, but the flashbacks show us the creation of the super-virus that is being used to terrorize Starling. They also show Felicity in what is essentially Death cosplay, not to mention her former boyfriend in a particularly telling t-shirt. Their college accomplice, Myron Forest, is another nice namedrop and, along with Brother Eye, ties into the O.M.A.C. files that Felicity found for Ray a few episodes back. Hm. Remember when The Flash mentioned Infinite Crisis? It's all coming together.

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