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No New Arrow Tonight, 'Suicide Squad' Gets A Producers Preview

There's no new Arrow tonight. After last week's excellent "The Promise" episode, CW has the superhero drama on a break for a week. But Arrow will be back March 19 with "Suicide Squad" and the titular group is the focus of the above Producers Preview, which has Marc Guggenheim discussing that particular arc. "This episode starts and it does not stop," Guggenheim says.

The preview above shows Diggle's introduction to the Suicide Squad, and he seems pretty nonplussed by the name, as he seems to think Amanda Waller will be quick to write those men off if things go wrong. There's also the matter of Diggle having to work alongside the man responsible for his brother's death. And as Guggenheim notes, the episode has been a long time coming, when we consider how far back it was that Arrow began setting up the "Suicide Squad" story.

The official episode description for "Suicide Squad" says that Oliver will be focusing his energy on preparing for battle with Slade. Sarah wants to help out but Oliver pushes her away, fearing for her safety. And then there's Diggle's side of the story, which will have him dealing with the realization that he's being asked to work with Deadshot (Michael Rowe), Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White) and Shrapnel (Sean Maher), all of whom are criminals that he and Arrow helped put away. Diggle's not sure he can justify working with them, regardless of what Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) says about the world being a a complicated place. But when the mission takes a dangerous turn, Diggle must make a tough choice.

It's been a while since we've seen a good Diggle episode, and though this one seems focused on the Suicide Squad, it sounds like he plays a big part in that, so it'll be great to see how all of this plays out and what kind of effect it has on David Ramsey's character.

And here's the Extended Trailer for Arrow's current episodes (including last week's "The Promise" and next week's "Suicide Squad"

Arrow airs Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET on CW.

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