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Arrow's Intense Three-Minute Trailer Teases Big Fights, Deathstroke And Suicide Squad

Take a deep breath before watching the following trailer, because you may be holding it for the next three minutes!

A day ahead of the next new episode of Arrow, fittingly titled "The Promise" (see also #ThePromise), the CW has delivered an intense three-minute trailer that teases what's ahead for the series as it charges forward through the second half of its second season. This include the titular "promise" by Slade to destroy Oliver's family, and the upcoming episodes that will deal with "Suicide Squad" and "Deathstroke" more directly. It is ok. Oliver's not scared, he's focused. What's more, it appears as though Sara and Roy are very much involved in this showdown, which makes me wonder if one or both of them might end up being casualties of this battle.

If Slade is hellbent on attacking Oliver's family, Roy and Sara would both be on the list. Not only has Roy inched his way onto Arrow's team, but he's connected to Thea. She too will likely be in danger, especially considering she's one of the few people close to Oliver who has no idea just how connected she is to some of the worst kinds of danger in Starling. There's a shot of a girl running in the trailer. Is this Thea?


The events in the trailer are likely to be spread out over the next couple of episodes at least, as we know that the Suicide Squad will be at the center of the episode after next, which doesn't air until March 19. Photos from "Suicide Squad" resemble some of the glimpses we saw in the above trailer. Check out the episode description for more details and spoilers on that plot.

What else did the trailer show us?

A great hero shot:


Also, Deadshot is a go, Shrapnel is a go, Tiger is a go....

Suicide Squad

Huntress is back and she may be facing off with Canary!


Speaking of Sara...


And finally, because it's an awesome closer, we have "Once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out."


The trailer ends with Oliver shooting an arrow through a suited-up Slade's chest, but it may take a bit more than that to kill this guy!

Arrow airs Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET on CW. Check out the producers preview for tomorrow night's "The Promise" here.

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