It's tough fighting crime and all but The CW's superhero series sure seems to take a lot of time off. After the Olympics put Arrow on the sidelines for three weeks, the team returned for only two battles before scheduling another break. Facing Clock King in "Time of Death" was taxing but nothing compared to trying to make big bad, Slade Wilson break "The Promise" he made in the past. Maybe they do deserve a rest. Oh, and it does allow the network another week to hype the "Suicide Squad" episode which looks, well, epic. The best DC movie, is a TV show.

5. Prisoners
Since I was just hyping the Suicide Squad, I might as well start the easter egg discussion by talking about the group of prisoners in "The Promise." The series' return to the freighter meant catching up with Ollie's old buddy Anatoli Knyazev (also known as KGBeast), a DC character first introduced in "Crucible" before helping Dig on his mission to Moscow for A.R.G.U.S. in "Keep Your Enemies Closer." As far as the other inmates who would soon become castaways with Sara, there was Reverend Thomas Flynn and Hendrick Von Arnim.

Now. Those names means nothing to me but the former could be a reference to either Pied Piper or Ratchatcher, you know, on account of his little friend Abraham. The Pied Piper inclusion would be interesting because Hartley Rathaway is going to be a villain in the Flash pilot, however, the mouse is really the only reason for this line of thinking. That and one of the Piper's aliases is Thomas Peterson. A shared first name and a rat. Might be more than linking Flynn to Ratcatcher, Otis Flannegan. Flynn-Flannegan. Finally, angry one arm pull ups is Hendrick Von Arnim and, once again, that doesn't ring any immediate bells. Could Hendrick be a placeholder for Henrich? Pure speculation.

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