"Think on that while you're begging for death."

Ollie's case continues with the DA bringing them a deal since Detective Daddy didn't bother to consult anyone before making an arrest but, of course, our hero isn't going to plea bargain when he can just as easily beat a polygraph. Laurel tries to convince him that insanity is a gift and to think of how this could effect everyone else which seems like bad advice from a lawyer who thinks her client is innocent. And what, going to a looney bin is going to make his loved ones feel awesome? The show cuts from the interrogation with Detective Lance to an interrogation on the island where a very civilized man pours a carbonated beverage and tries to get information from Ollie about his mentor. It looks like the man is a former Chinese soldier and for some reason this really big operation has been deployed to track him down. He doesn't tell the man anything about his companion and the ensuing introduction to Deathstroke was pretty great.

"It doesn't have to be me in the hood."

Thea doesn't get much time this week but the evolution of her character from needlessly cold hearted, druggie loser to supportive, seemingly smart sister thankfully continues. Ollie does his best to throw her off the scent but she doesn't completely buy the Pandaman defence. Moira's secrets also continue, with her visiting John Barrowman's 'Well Dressed Man' a couple of times this week, first to ensure him that her son is not Arrow and then to, well, threaten him for trying to kill Oliver anyway. Do you think he takes her threats seriously? Probably not. The polygraph scene was one of the best moments of "Damaged," cleverly cross-cutting between the Detective's questions and Deathstroke's torture. Oliver also finds a few interesting ways to beat the test, like admitting to killing the Lance sister, before the show has him flat out lie and still pass (albeit with quivers). Ollie's poly success doesn't dissuade the Detective, however, who still knows a guilty man when he sees one which is why the cop leaves the house arrest in effect and attends the bash. After a few moments being the trust fund dick, Ollie retires downstairs with Dig to convince him to don the hood and stop the arms deal.

"You don't... Laurel, you don't have to go."

The exchange is another particularly strong scene since these two have the best relationship on the show (although I'm quickly liking Ollie and his Mentor together on the island as well). And Dig not only agrees but makes quick work of both sides, the horribly stereotyped Eurotrash arms dealer and the gang banger buyers. Back at the party, Laurel arrives to inspect his scars and the two have an awkwardly tender moment that ends with her storming off. Katie Cassidy is fine (no worse than Stephen Amell) but the show is really struggling with her character. She just keeps flip-flopping about everything (is he Arrow? do I like him?) while uttering terrible dialogue. Fortunately the next sequence returns to the flashbacks and finds Ollie's mentor come to the rescue. He and Deathstroke have an intense showdown in the tent (moves mirrored by Ollie in his next fight) and, even though the latter loses, it looks like the villain's involvement in the show could be just beginning.

"If you knew, you'd see me differently. And not as some vigilante guy... as damaged."

The other thread is still unwinding with Walter finally summoning the courage to summon his wife to discuss the Queen's Gambit not to mention the death of their head of security. Sorry, accidental death. Walter's rightly suspicious and decides that since he can't trust her, he should probably move out of the Queen Mansion until he feels differently. Speaking of the Mansion, the party continues to rage while Dig calls to confirm his take down of the arms deal and then there's the aforementioned hit on Ollie that isn't successful thanks to the hard work of Detective Lance. I think this is the second time Ollie's thanked him for saving his skin and, because of Dig's work, this occurs right before the Detective removes the GPS anklet. House arrest over! Alibi successful! Laurel says they can't be together! Oh, yeah. A bit of a downer ending with her putting on the brakes and Dig reminding him how much he's alienating himself from his family. At least he got to let off a little steam by taking down ze German who failed Starling City. Nothing like a few murders to quench the loneliness. And remember to breathe.

Arrow returns with Episode 6, "Legacies," next Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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