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New Ash Vs Evil Dead Footage Delivers Way More Blood And Deadites

If you took a bag full of holy craps and put it into a crate full of holy craps and dropped it into an ocean full of holy craps, that would still only be a fraction of the holy craps that this new footage from Ash vs Evil Dead delivers. The show’s first trailer was just about the greatest trailer in history, and this capitalizes on it by giving us a lot more blood, a lot more deadites, and a little more Lucy Lawless. Soak it up!

For those who are interested in the story, this featurette certainly gives us more insight into where Bruce Campbell’s Ash is at this point in his retail store life, as well as what he does to unleash this damning plague on the world all over again. Namely, he calls the Evil Dead back due to his own foolery. Oh, Ash! At least he still has his moves intact.


We also get a little more info about his two cohorts Pablo and Kelly, as well as the actors that play them (Ray Santiago and Dana Delorenzo, respectively). While Kelly seems like she’s in this to take on some of her own personal demons, Pablo looks like he’s in it to follow in Ash’s footsteps and blast some holes in Deadites. And there’s not a damned thing wrong with that. Plus, we also get to learn more about Jill Marie Jones’ state trooper Amanda Fisher, who gets mixed up in all of this without quite believing anything that’s happening to her, which is completely understandable.

Speaking of, we get to see several more Deadites than we’ve seen thus far, and they all look a little bit different, but all equally badass. We get the one with the head turned all the way around, Exorcist-style, as seen below.


Then we get the freaky bitch in the diner that looks all too out of place. That screaming woman is probably the most frightening of them all, though, although the older lady is pretty grody, too. And then there’s the one that chucks a table at Ash. But the best part is when Lucy Lawless’ mysterious Ruby picks one up directly out of the grave and questions it before impaling it on a cross. This is pretty much everything we’ve ever wanted from this show.

Get ready to tango, bitch, as Ash vs Evil Dead will finally reaches audiences when it premieres on Saturday, October 31. Don’t let the fact that it’s on a Saturday keep you away, or we’ll sic the Deadites on you.

Nick Venable

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