What Bruce Campbell Hates About Shooting The Evil Dead Franchise

Bruce Campbell has been a part of the Evil Dead franchise since the original movie hit theaters way back in the early 80s. Clearly, he’s a fan of playing lead character Ash or he wouldn’t have worked to get Starz’s upcoming TV series made. However, any great job still has its own share of pitfalls, and Campbell shared what he feels has been the worst part of creating Ash Vs Evil Dead at a recent press room at Comic-Con. Apparently, all of the fake blood still grosses the actor out completely. Here’s what he had to say about the gooey substance:

It’s gotten more sophisticated but it still sucks. It’s still sticky; it still gets everywhere. It gets in every nook and cranny. It’s just, it’s evil. Fake blood is evil. I don’t use that word a lot.

Ash Vs Evil Dead is hardly Campbell’s first rodeo with fake blood. The man was the lead in three other Evil Dead franchise films prior to the release of the Starz TV series, so he should be very familiar with what fake blood feels like at this point. There are pros and cons to any job, but it’s still pretty amusing to consider that what Bruce Campbell dislikes most about filming Evil Dead properties is one of the main items the franchise is known for: lots and lots of gooey blood strewn everywhere. And since we’ve already caught the trailer for Starz’s upcoming program, we know blood is going to be a key component in Ash Vs Evil Dead, as well.

Initially conceived as another film, this time around, Campbell’s Ash is still basically up to the same old hijinks he was into a long time ago. He’s a stock boy at a Value Stop—the oldest stockboy, according to the actor. He teams up with Pablo and Kelly, two youngsters who end up helping in the fight against the Deadites, who have returned. Campbell seems pretty stoked to be working with the young actors, if only because they haven’t yet realized how bad the blood stuff is and are gung ho about shooting scenes that get them covered in the stuff.

They’re covered in blood and they don’t even know how bad it is. They haven’t learned yet how to be difficult. I’m waiting for Season 2 or 3, we’ll see.

We’ll get our own fill of blood and gore soon enough. Starz is going big with the horror theme and is already set to premiere Ash Vs The Evil Dead on Saturday, October 31 at 9 p.m. ET. Starz’s Saturday timeslot could not have worked out better.

Jessica Rawden
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