Become Zack Morris And Play This 8-Bit Saved By The Bell YouTube Video Game

Saved by the Bell cast
(Image credit: NBC)

For some reason Saved By The Bell is in the air lately. Just yesterday we saw this viral video promoting Final Destination 5 that dressed up the movie's cast as students at the candy-colored Bayside High School. Now the consistently entertaining Fine Brothers have debuted an 8-bit, interactive YouTube game in which you get to help Zack decide which members of the gang to help out of a jam. Will you help Kelly figure out how to go to the prom despite the fact that her dad just lost his job? Can you tell Jessie how to balance her school work and her singing dreams? Or do you lend a hand to Screech, who needs to finally be cool so he can snag his own dream girl? Only you and Zack Morris can decide. Check out the video and explore your options below.

Having watched literally every single episode of Saved By The Bell when it was syndicated on TBS in the mid-90s, I get all the references here, and it feels vaguely comforting to be thrown back into Zack Morris's world for a few minutes. It's also an excellent waste of time if that's what you're into on this summer Friday afternoon. Go forth, save the girl, and believe that for a moment, you, like Zack Morris, have the power to freeze time.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend