It's hard to believe there are just two episodes to go before Being Human is over for good. The preview for the penultimate episode of the fourth and final season offers a fairly heavy indication that the past is literally coming back to haunt these characters, and it looks like pretty much everyone is in some kind of trouble. Syfy has since offered a sizable clip that may give us an indication of how and why that's happening. And as you might have already guessed, it has to do with young Ramona, the ghosty girl living in the secret bedroom in the house that's about to be vacated...

So, by this hefty clip's big reveal, it turns out this Ramona girl not only died in this house, but she had devil worshipping parents who ritualistically murdered her during a party and then sealed off her room. Now she's pissed off enough to take it out on her sister, who may actually be dying at the end of that clip. One more ghost for the house, right?

This is kind of a major curveball for the series but one that comes in time to drive us right to the finale. The fact that it's so directly tied to the house seems especially fitting for what may be the characters' final major supernatural challenge, considering the house is a big part of what brought this group together to begin with.

So, are we guessing that the devil worshippers and/or the girl are tied to the return of the characters? And will this series be able to wrap up all of the loose ends within two episodes? I suppose it'll have to. But it's impressive to see how far the show has come this season, particularly as it relates to bringing back certain stories and allowing them to play out. Now we're left to wonder how this story will end, for better or worse.

Being Human airs Monday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Syfy.

Being human

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