Syfy’s Being Human wrapped up its first season tonight with an episode that boiled slowly, delivering some great moments. Some issues were resolved, while others were opened up and left to breath between now and Season 2.

In terms of the production quality for tonight’s episode, the jumps from past to present worked well as we were shown the beginning of Josh and Aidan’s relationship. There was one nearly seamless transition from a past conversation to the present that worked particularly well as both scenes took place in the courtyard at the hospital. Loved it.

What I didn’t love were the awkward freeze-frames during the fight between Aidan and Bishop. Perhaps they were going for that sort of graphic-novel/comic-booky effect, but it just made me feel like my DVR was freezing up. That’s my biggest criticism in terms of production but the few extra seconds we got of Josh’s transformation and the look on his wolfy face when he peered at Nora under the door made up for that.

“Take your life back, for both of us.”
The sexy vampire thing has been done quite a bit on TV these days and Being Human’s no exception to that. There have been a few steamy vampire scenes during the course of this series’ first season. Tonight, we saw the other side of the coin. Celene is no longer the gorgeous, healthy twenty-something girl with a pulsing artery just itching to be drained by a dreamy vampire. Sure, she’s still beautiful but she’s aged and dying of cancer. Seeing Aidan’s love for her, still just as strong as it was when she was younger showed the human side to their story. I only wish we had one or two more episodes to get to know past and present Celine as I think that might have made her sacrifice more meaningful in the end.

While Celine gave Aidan all of her blood (and essentially what was left of her life) in order to heal him, Bishop cured his burns by feeding off one of his fellow police officers. Using Josh as a messenger, Bishop staged a throw-down with Aidan. The two fought it out while occasionally-semi-corporeal Sally watched on, proving useful at distracting Bishop with a stake that she eventually dropped when he hissed at her. It was enough to give Aidan the advantage he needed to get some wire (or whatever that metal thing was) around Bishop’s neck.

Bishop’s beheading was almost sad as Aidan seemed to know what he was letting go of. On one hand, he’s free from the ties that bound him to his maker. On the other hand, Bishop was a friend to him for a long time and they have a lot of history together. This brings closure to Aidan and Bishop’s story, but on the downside, there’s no more Bishop. Perhaps he’ll resurface in a flashback or a resurrection.

“I felt like I was finally seeing you.”
Josh was going to kill Bishop. He had it all planned out with Sally. She was going to help him get Bishop into the basement room at the hospital and once Josh transformed, Bishop’s death was inevitable. Sally saved Josh from becoming a murderer by locking him in by himself and it was just as well. Aidan needed to be the one to do that job.

Believing there was a good chance he was going to die when he tried to kill Bishop, Josh gave Nora a goodbye/I’m sorry/I have family obligations letter. From his perspective, the note was the best way he could say goodbye. From her perspective, it probably looked like he was ducking out because he couldn’t deal with the whole pregnancy situation.

Nora found Josh in the basement mid-transformation and tried to help him. He was able to push her out of the room before he went full werewolf but not without scratching her. She was also having serious cramps just as Josh started to transform, which seem to indicate that the baby is also transforming in the womb during the full moon.

“I’m practically a person, except not at all.”
Sally missed her door. After Aidan was attacked she stayed by his side and when he finally convinced her to go back to her door, it was gone. Interestingly enough, as I mentioned earlier, she’s sort of corporeal now. At the very least, she can touch things, so that’s useful. The bulk of Sally’s participation in tonight’s episode had to do with what Josh and Aidan were going through and in that respect, our ghost-girl shined. She deserves to go through her door but while she’s here, she’s bringing some much needed perspective to Josh and Aidan. Saving Josh from being the one to kill Bishop was huge, as was standing up to Bishop despite her (unnecessary) fear.

Sally may not be able to do everything that a normal person can but she is most definitely a person. She has a perspective and an effect on Josh and Aidan that proved vital tonight. What's more, she loves them. What's more human than that?

“Don’t look back in anger.”
In terms of looking forward to Season 2, there are a number of things left open for us. Nora knows Josh is a werewolf and is sticking by him. Josh doesn’t know Nora got scratched, so there’s that revelation to deal with. Sally has closure with Danny but she brought up the fact that there were family members and other people in her life, so perhaps we’ll be seeing her deal with other unfinished business as she waits for a second chance at heaven.

Aidan killing Bishop puts him into position to be the leader. He got a visit from Haggemen at the end of the episode and references to a “she” who wants to meet Aidan were made.

I loved the fitting Oasis song at the end of the episode, but Royal Wood’s “Juliet” (playing when Nora read the letter from Josh) wins for favorite song of the night.

The season finale ended with both hints at future problems and notes of optimism. Sure, Nora’s scratched, Sally’s door is gone and Aidan may be the new Vampire leader of Boston, but it’s not all doom and gloom for Josh, Sally and Aidan. The talk of joining one of those local farm delivery programs, no matter how impractical it would be, as only one of them eats, shows that they have hope for normalcy and contentment… and kale. Lots of kale.
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