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Breaking Bad may be coming to an end this summer, but it looks like AMC could be keeping it alive in a spinoff. The network is apparently looking at a comedy project that would focus on sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman, played to perfection by Bob Odenkirk, says Deadline.

AMC does seem to have a little difficulty in letting its hit series go; they split the final season into two parts, airing one half last summer with final eight episodes set to air this coming summer. So far, the show seems to be headed out on a high note in terms of the viewers, with the first half of Season 5 premiering to strong ratings. Fans were left hanging on the series' end game, last summer. With talk of a spinoff, it looks like AMC isn’t ready to close the door on Albequerque’s seedier side.

Still very early in the development stages, the project would bring Odenkirk back in the role of Saul for either a half-hour or hourlong comedy. Behind the possible spinoff are Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, and Peter Gould who writes and produces on the show. There’s no word as to whether Odenkirk would be involved behind the scenes in addition to starring, but he’s certainly got the comedy background for it. He has written for Saturday Night Live and Mr. Show and is currently at work on the new IFC comedy series The Birthday Boys.

The bigger question is whether Saul Goodman as a character can carry an entire series. Certainly he’s been responsible for much-needed comic relief on Breaking Bad, and there is some good comedy potential in the type of people who would look to a guy like Saul for legal advice. Hopefully we’ll get more news on this one soon – and a premiere date for the second half of Breaking Bad’s final season too.

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