Last night's episode of Big Brother left off with a cliff-hanger as the houseguests were teamed up and competing in the second Head of Household competition of the season. Live feed watchers know who won Head of Household and we've seen some of the aftermath of the first eviction. For those of you who don't want to be spoiled on what took place after Wednesday night's live episode, read no further! Spoilers ahead!

The jug HoH competition had the houseguests paired up for a tag-team race. Object of the game was to transport cups of barbecue sauce across a slippery track and to a big jug. One teammate collected the sauce and brought it to the middle of the track where they were then set to pour the sauce into their teammate's cup. The teammate would then run to the other end of the track and pour it into the big jug. Or they could try to fill the smaller jug, which would allow them to use a bigger cup to transport their sauce. Nick and Judd opted to do that, it and it almost paid off for them. Once they got their big cup, they were quickly gaining on Elissa/Andy and Aaryn/Jeremy. But Aaryn and Jeremy won, filling the big jug and retrieving their ping pong ball faster than anyone else. There's some controversy there as there have been complaints that Jeremy and Aaryn may have been exchanging cups at the middle instead of pouring the sauce from one cup to the other:

If they were doing that frequently enough, that could certainly have contributed to the lead they had over Andy and Elissa, who were right behind them in the race. Of course, it's also possible they received a penalty for that. We didn't see the whole competition so we'll have to wait until they show the race on Sunday.

Jeremy gave Aaryn the HoH (it sounds like they were allowed to decide), and Aaryn was able to choose the Have Nots for the week. She chose Helen, Elissa and - I think - Andy and Candice. Given that three of those four people also happen to be people Aaryn has made derogatory/racist comments about, that's not going to make her look any better to those who are branding her a bigot. If we wanted to defend her, she may have still been upset over David going home, but we don't want to defend her. And considering Helen and Elissa were Have Nots previously, that's pretty crappy on her part. But Aaryn's not developing a reputation for a bad attitude for nothing. She could prove to be a nightmare as HoH.


Speaking of David leaving, there's been plenty of confusion over who voted for who, which is probably just how the Moving Company alliance wanted it. As it turns out, it was Spencer who told Candice to vote to evict Elissa. And I think the decision to do that was because they already had the numbers for David to go and the MC wanted to ensure that at least one vote would be unaccounted for. That's probably also why Jeremy voted to evict Elissa. They already had the numbers and his vote for Elissa to go makes it look like he's still with Aaryn, Kaitlin, GInamarie and Jessie. Or that one of the guys is, anyway.

Andy outright admitted he voted to evict David. He came clean to Aaryn on that but he made it out to be a choice he was making for his own game and not a group decision And Candice was not shy about telling people that Spencer told her to evict Elissa. That also makes it look like maybe Spencer also voted to evict Elissa, which he didn't. But that's part of the intended confusion. Why would he tell Candice to evict Elissa if he was voting the other way, right? From a conversation Helen and Candice had in the Have Not room last night, they already know something is amiss. In fact, Candice even went as far as to suggest that there's an all-guy super-alliance. She's right! But I don't think she and Helen ever fully worked out who might be in it. What they do know is that Spencer's instructions are suspect. I don't think Spencer knows that Helen told Candice someone would be giving her instructions on who to vote. Or that Helen and Candice would rehash their own involvement in this big plan. Because Helen was under the impression Candice would be told to vote to evict David. So they know something's not right with the guys. At the very least, red flags are raised.

The MVP will be crucial this week. With Aayrn as HoH, she can nominate whoever she wants, but if the houseguests who were anti-David stick together, and one of them gets MVP, they can send one of Aaryn's allies out of the house this week. They should have the numbers for that to happen. Whether or not it does remains to be seen. In the meantime, it should interesting to see how Aaryn acts this week as Head of Household. With more than five people claiming they voted to evict Elissa, there's enough confusion that the David fallout doesn't seem to be falling onto any one or two players' backs. It sounds like Elissa is the obvious target. Candice might be another target. Aaryn might believe her that she voted to evict Elissa, but I don't think she likes or trusts her at all. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if it's two girls on the block again.

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