Following last Thursday night's live episode of Big Brother Season 16, we knew we were in for an interesting week. Would the Bomb Squad stand united for another week, or would the alliance collapse under its own weight? It seems like it's only a matter of time, especially with Amber and Devin on the block together. With two Bomb Squad members in control again, you'd think it would be another easy week! Yeah, not so much.

Live Feed Spoilers about who's nominated, who won Battle of the Block and who won the Veto ahead! -- None of this has been revealed on the episodes yet.

Here's the breakdown of events that have transpired in the Big Brother house since Thursday night's episode.

Devin and Amber won Head of Household.

Amber nominated Hayden and Nicole.

Devin nominated Brittany and Paola.

Hayden and Nicole won Battle of the Block, saving themselves and dethroning Amber. Paola and Brittany remain on the block.

Devin won the Veto.

At this point, the Veto ceremony hasn't taken place, and it's unclear whether or not Devin will use the Veto or keep his nominations the same.

It's basically impossible to predict Devin's actions. He seems to make impulsive decisions, and he also seems to shift his opinion of people on a dime. One minute, he suspects Donny of being a liar, the next minute he's fine with Donny. Lately, he's had some friction with Brittany, and it seems like he's targeting her this week, however there are other options floating around. At least some of the Bomb Squad seems interested in getting Victoria out this week. And given the choice between Paola and Brittany, some seem uncertain about who they'd want out. Devin appears determined to keep PaoPao in the house, because he assured her he'd keep her safe. So I think part of his decision-making factors into how he can keep his word and get what he wants out of this HoH. I don't think he cares much about sending Victoria out this week.

Here's the thing. I can't figure Devin out enough to speculate what he's planning on doing with the Veto. He strikes me as the type to have conversations with people just to gauge their reactions to his ideas. That's actually not a terrible strategy in this game. Really, it's the best way to use the Head of Household power in the Big Brother game. Get people to admit their own personal motives and pocket that information for later. I may be giving Devin too much credit by suggesting this is what he's doing by having frequent sit-downs with people in the house. He might just enjoy the power and attention. Regardless, if he's missing an opportunity here, it's using his HoH week to smooth over personal friction with some of the houseguests. So far, he's had a lot of conversations, but I don't get the sense that anyone's any more at ease with him now than they were last week.

It seems like Devin's very much in game-mode when it comes to conversations with other houseguests, even going so far as to tell people that they're not supposed to be able to know what's going on in this head. Obviously that's true, but it wouldn't hurt if he let people think they had him figured out, rather than telling them he's purposely not allowing them to. As it stands, Devin seems to be trying to present himself as a wildcard, which might work for a little while in keeping people confused or even intimidated by him, but it won't make him very valuable to anyone if they don't know if they can count on him.

Whether or not Devin uses the Veto this week could make or break his game, and at this point, there's just no telling what he'll do with it. One thing Devin did mention to Caleb earlier today was, "Our alliance has to stay strong, and if there's cancer you gotta cut it out." That came along with some comments about how he wasn't sure whether or not he was going to use the Veto or who he was going to put up if he did.

Again, he could just be saying that to gauge Caleb's reaction, or he might be planning on using the Veto and nominating one of his own people, though I can't imagine why he'd do that other than to ensure that Brittany goes home (assuming he saves PaoPao with the Veto).

We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, tonight's episode should reveal the nominations and Battle of the Block competition. And hopefully the diary room footage will reveal some more insight into what's going on in Devin's head.

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