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Big Brother Season 16's Sunday night episode revealed which of the two Heads of Household managed to hold onto their title, and which two nominees are still on the block. Those who've been keeping up with the live feeds already know who won the Veto, and we now know whether or not it was used! Before we get to those details though, here's a fun preview for Wednesday night's episode...

Ok, it shows us nothing about the Veto competition, but the preview does bring on the tears and remind us that Wednesday night's episode airs at 8:00 p.m. ET.

We know from Sunday's episode that Caleb is the official solo-HoH now, and that his nominees (Donny and Paola) remained on the block, while dethroned HoH Frankie's nominees, Victoria and Brittany, saved themselves during Battle of the Block. As for who won the Veto, here's where we get to the Live Feed Spoilers, so if you don't want to know who won and whether or not it was used (and on whom, if applicable), read no further!

As we reported previously, the Veto competition was the spelling comp, where participants have to find letters -- it sounds like there was water involved in this particular one -- and put together a word. This is the competition of Jeff Schroeder's infamous "technotronics" attempt, if you can remember Big Brother 11. Houseguests often misspell words (I think Elissa had "pot roast" as one word last season) or come up short on letters and somehow aren't able or don't think to fashion another word out of the letters they have. It must be harder than it looks. From the houseguest's conversations, it sounds like we should expect a bit more of the usual from this season's version of the competition, which Donny won.

As we expected, Donny used the Veto, and also as we expected, Joey was put up in his place. She is Caleb's target to go home and from what I've seen since then, that still seems to be the case as few of the houseguests seem to be making much of an effort to try to keep her around. She made some attempts prior to the Veto ceremony to apologize to Caleb for how she's acted around him. That might include kind-of calling him out for saying he was going to take the whole house's opinions into consideration when choosing a replacement nominee for the Veto ceremony, and then loudly encouraging all of the houseguests to talk to him about their opinions on the matter. More on that here. Unfortunately, Joey has proven to be a loose canon, which might make it hard for people to want to keep her as an ally.

Hopefully Wednesday night's episode will be full of Joey moments, not only because she's part of Team America, but because she seemed to be aware that she was going to be put up leading up to her eventual nomination. Joey is now on the block opposite Paola, who's been advised to just lay low and she'll survive the week. As of right now, that's looking like the case as long as the Bomb Squad remains united.


Joey's not giving up quite yet though. She had one card to play and she played with with Hayden, revealing to him that she's part of the Team America twist. From what I saw, she didn't give up a lot of specifics, possibly because she doesn't have many (or any) yet. We don't know exactly what she knows about the situation beyond the fact that she's apart of it. We also don't know if the second member has been notified yet. But there may be an update on that Wednesday, or if not Wednesday then Thursday night during the live show, perhaps.

In other news, here's a live feed video CBS posted that has some of the houseguests talking about how Cody sleeps...

I know the feeds have been on less than a week, but I already like this season's houseguests better -- as a group, anyway -- than last season's. We'll see if that lasts!

Big Brother airs Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday night on CBS.

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