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If you caught last night’s episode of The Simpsons, then you were treated to an artistic take on the Fox animated comedy’s weekly couch-gag, courtesy of cartoonist Bill Plympton. For those of you who missed it, check it out ahead, and grab a box of tissues!

This week’s couch gag ran for nearly a minute and, rather than giving us a tour of Springfield as we watch the Simpson family make their way home, tells the story of Homer and the couch, two star-crossed lovers whose story would be full of happiness and tears.

It’s a classic tale, isn’t it? Boy meets couch. Boy and couch fall in love but are rejected by the world and must therefore meet in darkened movie theaters and sleazy motels. Boy impregnates couch, then leaves her for another woman. Couch is forced to dance topless and pan-handle on the street before inevitably abandoning all hope and diving arm-first into a dumpster, only to be rescued by the boy. At least it had a happy ending, with the couch finding its place beneath Homer and his family... and baby-armchair serving as the seat for Maggie.


If you liked it, you can find more examples of Plympton's work at this Youtube channel, which includes the clip below from his 2010 animated short "The Cow Who Wanted To Be a Hamburger."

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