The Bizarre TV Series Paul Rudd Is Obsessed With

Nearly everyone has at least one strange television show that they really enjoy and that most people would not expect them to enjoy. Even celebrities are not immune to this phenomenon, as Ant-Man actor Paul Rudd recently revealed his favorite TV series at the Tribeca Film Festival. His answer? None other than Antiques Roadshow. Yes, Paul Rudd is adorable. Here’s what he had to say.

My favorite television show is Antiques Roadshow, some people may consider that nerdy. I like the original British one, but I actually prefer the American version. I like learning about all of these things that people own; learning about different kinds of furniture and pottery and antiques. The appraisals are super interesting!

Paul Rudd’s a funny guy, but this TV answer seems pretty damned sincere. You don’t go talking about the differences between an American version and the British version of a TV show if you haven’t extensively watched both. Antiques Roadshow does have plenty of appeal. It’s been on the air for years, so there are plenty of episodes to peruse through. It has earned critical acclaim, including Emmy nominations. Plus, as Paul Rudd notes, it’s actually "super interesting," thanks to the fact that sometimes people come on the show with rare finds and sometimes they think they have something valuable that actually isn't.

Paul Rudd spoke with Vulture about the show, also admitting that the highs and lows of the series really get to him.

Even more so when [the sellers] get really excited about what it is. Not even the value, but they think they have something that’s very special and they love it for all of the right reasons, and it’s a fake. It’s heartbreaking.

In a way, that's what makes Antiques Roadshow so riveting. It's not a guarantee the charming, well-intentioned people coming in will actually leave happier than they when they arrived. There's a certain fantasy in not knowing, in hoping something passed down from your family is a treasure the rest of the world would pay top dollar for. Sometimes the experts are able to give the owner good news. Sometimes they aren't. Either way, the element of fantasy is completely gone.

antiques roadshow

So, nerdy? Sure, Antiques Roadshow is definitely a bit nerdy, but for those of us who enjoy the show, there's actually a whole lot more going on than the reality program normally gets credit for. So, bravo to Paul Rudd for having good, unusual taste, even if none of us saw it coming.

The American version of Antiques Roadshow is currently in its 20th season. You can find out more over at PBS' site. In addition, you can find out what shows are premiering later this year with our summer TV premiere schedule.

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