The Boondock Saints has had a long shelf life, with a fanbase that is avid enough that a third movie is already in the works. Now, it looks as if the franchise will be expanding beyond the world of film with a TV project from IM Global Televison, which is already trying to nab an elusive straight-to-series order for the potential TV drama. While it hasn’t been picked up yet, the premise and the people involved make the potential for the drama a whole lot more likely.

First and foremost, Troy Duffy has been signed on for The Boondock Saints, which is being described as a prequel to the popular movie franchise. If you aren’t familiar with Duffy, he’s the guy who wrote and directed both The Boondock Saints and The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, the 2009 sequel to the original movie. Deadline is reporting that Duffy is already well into the throes of working on this TV prequel. The first episode and the bible for the project have already been written, and the drama is currently even searching for a showrunner.

So, what would a prequel series be about? Duffy says he wants to look at the origins of Connor and Murphy MacManus, the two immigrant brothers who hail from Ireland and move to Boston, only to become vigilantes looking to rid the city of criminals. This isn’t the first time a potential Boondock Saints series has been bandied about. Leads Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery have expressed interest in the past. However, since the latest project is a prequel, this would likely look at younger versions of Connor and Murphy, especially sinceNorman Reedus is currently pretty occupied with his gig on AMC’s wildly popular series The Walking Dead (although Sean Patrick Flannery could probably use the work).

If The Boondock Saints TV project does move forward, it will join a long line of movie premises that are being made into TV series with some tweaks involved. Minority Report is coming to Fox next fall, for instance, with a storyline that will pick up some time after the events in the movies. And Uncle Buck is being retooled to star Mike Epps and an all-black cast.

It’s hard to tell if any of these reworked projects for TV will find an audience, but The Boondock Saints franchise has always had pretty good luck with viewers watching at home. While the original movie and the sequel were not big box office successes, they’ve both done well enough with fans in home entertainment sales that the franchise has lived on. Maybe a TV series is exactly the right sort of market for the project. We’ll have to wait and see.
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