Just one episode of Starz’ new political drama Boss has aired, and there’s already news of some fairly significant changes behind the scenes. Word is, two of the executive producers/co-showrunners are exiting the series.

Late last month, Starz renewed Boss for a second season, before the first season had even made its debut on the pay-cable channel. While the series will most certainly be moving forward beyond the eight episodes set for its first season, Lyn Greene and Richard Levine, who served as executive producers on Season 1, along with series creator Farhad Safinia, will not be sticking with the show.

Deadline reports the news, stating that Greene and Levine, both of whom worked on Stark Raving Mad, Nip/Tuck, and Scoundrels, were exiting the series. While Deadline doesn’t say why they’re leaving the project, it’s possible that their agreement only extended through the first season. As the site notes, Safinia was new to television (although IMDB has him credited among the production staff for Complete Savages), which has me wondering if Greene and Levine were brought on board to help steer him around the curves throughout the first season, after which the two would leave to pursue other projects.

The show will go on without them, and hopefully maintain the intrigue it’s already begun to develop during last Friday’s series premiere. In the meantime, it’ll be interesting to see if Greene and Levine surface at some other Starz project in the near future.

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