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Say what you will about Kathy Griffin’s schtick, the woman turns out new material at frightening rates. While most comedians are always coming up with new bits, the catty redhead somehow finds enough material for multiple stand-up specials every year. It’s a good thing too. She’s about to be pushed to a new limit.

According to Deadline, Bravo has given the go ahead on four new Kathy Griffin stand-up specials to air in 2011. That’s more than she’s ever attempted, maybe more than anyone should ever attempt. Speaking about the incredible arsenal of new greenlights, Griffin said, “I went to Bravo and told them I thought I was being a little too nice with my stand-up specials. They agreed and gave me four more hours. Let the fur fly.” If all goes well, numerous random celebrities will be like those birds dropping out of the sky over Arkansas and Kathy Griffin will be the unknown disease killing them.

For me, the best Griffin ever got was playing Susan’s obnoxious roommate on Seinfeld, but her Life On The D-List certainly has the right to exist. High praise indeed. We'll see whether she has enough material to actually make all four of these work.

No word yet on official airtimes, but they will be spaced out with one broadcasting each quarter.

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