Yesterday, we shared a set of new promotional photos for the approaching premiere of Breaking Bad, a couple of which offered a look at two of Walter White's partnerships. And now a new trailer for the fifth and final season of the intense AMC drama series has made its way online. Check it out ahead!

(Spoilers if you haven't seen Season 4 of Breaking Bad!)

The trailer begins with a very familiar looking explosion, intro'd by the voice of Mike, who from the sound of it, seems apprehensive about moving forward with Walt, given what happened to Gus. Better safe than be blown up by a wheel-chair-bomb, I suppose…

Walter and Jesse are getting back in the kitchen! A gun is fired. A fire is started. Skylar does not look happy. And there's a body falling into a pool. We also get a glimpse of what looks like a crime scene, with a body on the floor. And it all wraps up with Walt telling Saul, in a threatening tone, "We're done when I say we're done." All hail the king! Is anyone else a mixture of nervous and excited?

Speaking of mixed emotions, Skylar appears to be experiencing those in this brief scene between her and Walter...

For a few extra tidbits, here are some photos from the season premiere, which airs on AMC July 15.

That one of Hank makes me nervous. Is he (maybe) in the office of the car wash?

And this one is from Episode 2. At first glance, it looks upside down, but then I considered the show's occasional usage of strange camera angles set from the perspective of inanimate objects. It looks like we're seeing Walt from beneath the surface of something glass. A coffee table, perhaps?

Check out the promotional photos we posted yesterday here.

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