Breaking Bad-style Blue Meth Making The Rounds In New Mexico

Here’s a product I doubt AMC wants anything to do with. Blue meth resembling the drug Walter White was known to perfect in the popular AMC drama Breaking Bad is reportedly making the rounds in New Mexico.

ABCNews reported the story, stating that a Homeland Security Investigations assistant special agent Kevin Abar confirms drug distributers are “selling methamphetamine tinted blue in the Four Corners region.”

Cue the familiar theme music...

But let’s be real here and state a bunch of (hopefully) obvious by saying that Methamphetamine is a highly addictive and dangerous drug. Breaking Bad is good. Crystal meth is not good. Even if it’s dyed to look like a prop in your favorite TV show. That said, I can’t imagine distributers are aiming to lure in Breaking Bad fans who aren’t already interested in the drug. In fact, ABC’s report says Abar notes that tinting the meth blue is an effort by distributers to “advertise and brand their product,” which is actually kind of how the situation worked in Breaking Bad.

Those familiar with the Golden Globe-winning series know that the blue in Walter White’s meth was his trademark and a visual indication of a “quality” product to dealers and buyers. Of course, in the case of Walter White’s blue meth, the drug wasn’t dyed. The blue had something to do with the process White used to cook the meth, which was known to be especially pure. That’s apparently not the case for this actual drug that’s making the rounds. According to Abar, the blue meth that’s being distributed in the New Mexico area is making people sick and has been cut with chemicals to make it blue. He also says there’s a red brand that’s also in circulation.

Alas, this appears to be a case of life imitating art in a bad way. But technically, in the case of Breaking Bad, art kind of imitated life first. In the video below, Vince Gilligan talks about speaking with a DEA chemist to learn the process of cooking meth so that they could mimic the process properly in the series:

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