It's nice to see that when a film does well, especially when a film deserves to do well, those involved reap the rewards (as opposed to the studios just reaping the profits). Bridesmaids (you can read Josh's review here) was a refreshing female-led summer comedy starring Kristen Wiig and co-written by her and fellow Groundlings alum Annie Mumalo. Now , according to The Hollywood Reporter, Mumalo has just landed an ABC development deal, with Lorne Michaels and John Goldwyn attached to produce.

This comes on the heels of Katey's report that Mumalo and Bridesmaids co-star Melissa McCarthy have already sold a film to Paramount Pictures, which will be a starring vehicle for McCarthy. The film's concept sounds a little Fanboys-ish: "When your husband is ill and his doctors are out of ideas, piling in the minivan with your pals to steal the Stanley Cup is one way to go." We'll try to have a little faith, and any addition of the Stanley Cup is a welcome one by me (go Sharks!).

So, a development deal at ABC and a pitch moving forward at Paramount Pictures...not bad for the woman who freaked out on the plane in Bridesmaids. Yes, if you're wondering who this Annie Mumalo character is, she's the woman who sits beside Wiig's Annie on the hilarious plane ride to Vegas (well, with the intended destination of Vegas).

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