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Bruce Campbell Is Hosting A Horror Game Show, Get The Wild Details

A couple of Hollywood producers are pitching you on a new idea. It’s a competition reality show similar to King of the Nerds, but instead of geek stuff, the focus will be on horror. But horror can still be funny, so they need a host who can do comedy and horror at the same time. Who should they get? OK, it was a trick question, as there is only one perfect answer. Bruce Campbell, of course.

Tentatively titled Bruce Campbell’s Horrified, the project is currently being shopped around to different networks to see if they can find a taker, according to Deadline. Campbell is on board not just as the host but also as an executive producer alongside Craig Armstrong and Rick Ringbakk of 5x5 Media, the production duo behind King of the Nerds. The show’s premise is still being worked on, but the basic setup looks to have the competitors living together, potentially in a haunted house, because of course. Competitors would also be competing in challenges themed after different horror genres. Actually this entire thing sounds like Saw as reality TV. This just got really scary.

Campbell as host was as obvious to the production studio as it was to you, though they didn’t expect him to come on board. What with Ash vs Evil Dead in full swing, Campbell already has a big job, beyond simply “being Bruce Campbell” we mean. However, it turns out he was quite interested. It’s hoped Campbell won’t be the only big horror name to appear if the project moves forward. Horrified hopes to have celebrity judges come in for each challenge.

This news comes almost immediately on the heels of the news that TBS has canceled King of the Nerds after three seasons. While this new idea had to be already in the planning stages before the cancellation came down, if Nerds had been more successful Horrified would likely already have a home on the schedule right next to it. It’s hard to say if a network like TBS might take a chance on something like this to fill the hole in the schedule they just created or if they’ve already had their fill. Syfy seems like another obvious place where a show like this might live. They do a decent business with reality competition shows like Face Off and Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. (The latter of which is in desperate need of another season by the way.)

Are you ready to sign up to be a contestant, even before the project finds a home? Will you follow Bruce Campbell anywhere, or is reality TV the true thing that scares you?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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