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Revolution managed to earn itself a full first season recently at NBC, and now it seems The CW has its sights set on its own post-apocalyptic drama. Alloy Entertainment sold a sci-fi pitch called The Hundred to the network. And in the tradition of The CW, this project sounds like it's geared toward a younger audience.

According to Deadline, The Hundred is written by Jason Rothenberg and set a hundred years after mankind destroyed itself - or presumably, most of itself as there were some space-bound survivors who are now looking to re-colonize Earth. A hundred juvenile delinquents are sent back to earth to explore the "wildly changed planet" and the future of the human race is left in their hands.

I'm going to guess that there's some reason "juvenile delinquents" have been selected to populate the planet. Maybe they were the only surviving young people when it came time to make the trip? Or maybe earth is so dangerous that this assignment is more a "sentence" than it is a privilege. Either way, it's a sci-fi project, so it has my attention. Rothernberg's previous credits include a 2009 pilot starring Minka Kelly called Body Politic. And his sci-fi experience includes writing a script for Warner Bros. planned Twilight Zone feature remake.

The CW's purchase of this project suggests that they're looking for a high concept teen-centric drama. Things didn't work out for The Selection (an adaptation of a young adult novel set in a dystopian world), but back in July, we learned that the network was reportedly looking to adapt Koushun Takami's Battle Royale for a TV drama. That story follows a group of kids who are stranded together and set to kill one another (or be killed themselves) - kind of like The Hunger Games except more violent (and before The Hunger Games). While we haven't heard any updates on that one recently, the network's purchase of The Hundred suggests they're still in the market for a project that falls along these story lines (or involves a bunch of kids/teens stranded together and put in life-or-death situations).

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