Camille Grammer In For Oscars Red Carpet Coverage On CNN

Real Housewife Camille Grammer may be reeling from her broken marriage, but at least the former actress is employed. CNN has just tapped Kelsey’s former spouse to do some red carpet work before the upcoming Academy Awards. She’ll dish on the outfits, the gossip and the vibe on the red carpet. Do people really go to CNN for chatty designer coverage? If so, their telecast needs more Anderson Cooper. Don’t hold your breath though.

According to TV Guide, the discussion will run under the Showbiz Tonight banner and feature usual hosts AJ Hammer and Brooke Anderson. Few duos on television have a better combination of names and hotness than that pair. AJ Hammer sounds like a professional wrestler with a Yoga gimmick.

In addition to those two and Grammer, CNN’s coverage will also feature actress Sheryl Lee Ralph and Carlos Diaz. The special, entitled Road To Gold, will begin airing at 7 EST. Someone let me know how this goes. I’ll be watching Seacrest.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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