A couple of weeks ago, Canadian Bell Media’s SPACE announced it was picking up Orphan Black, a new science fiction series with a unique premise. The upcoming show is set to follow, Sarah, an urban orphan with skills on the streets. After taking over a stranger’s identity, Sarah is confronted with a strange and convoluted mystery involving assassins and clones. The good news? John Fawcett of Spartacus fame is behind the production, along with Flashpoint’s Graeme Manson. The bad news? Orphan Black seemed to be headed to Canada only, which does not help those of us who live elsewhere.

Now, the show has garnered enough interest to head to other places in the world. According to Deadline, BBC Worldwide has also picked up Orphan Black, with the intent to distribute elsewhere in the world. In the States, BBC America will pick up the production, adding the upcoming show to the network’s Supernatural Saturdays block. 10 episodes of the show are being created for Season 1.

Executive producers Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier are already calling this one “must-watch television,” but since clones and assassins are not exactly original premises, I’m a little hesitant to expect that much out of the new show. Since there is a shortage of legitimate sci-fi on television (at least the kind that airs for more than one season), I will be willing to give this one a go, provided it finds a niche around episodes of Doctor Who.

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