The first teaser for Anger Management was released earlier today and FX certainly didn't shy away from Charlie Sheen's Two and a Half Men goodbye. Charlie may have died on the CBS sitcom but he's been fully resurrected by FX for a loose adaptation of the film starring Jack Nicholson as the unconventional therapist consulting Adam Sandler's anger mis-manager. Sheen is stepping into the (former hot-head pitcher turned) unconventional therapist role and it seems that one of his first, of what is sure to be many, celebrity guest patients will be his very own ex-wife Denise Richards.

TVLine is reporting that the FX comedy secured Richards for a guest spot on the program where she'll play a woman named Lori and a potential business partner for Shawnee Smith's character Jennifer. Coincidentally, or not, Smith plays Sheen's on-screen ex, which means the potential business partners have at least one thing in common, and it adds a nice self-referential moment for the series, which sounds more than willing to take shots at Sheen's life. Richards (who also guest starred on TaaHM) is not the first family member to find themselves a guest spot on the new series since FX already nabbed their star's father Martin Sheen for a first season episode.

To be completely honest, I'm not sure what to think about Anger Management. I was a fan of Charlie Sheen before TaaHM but the property they picked to adapt is, uh, a little less than encouraging. The FX series will be a very loose adaptation of the film, so perhaps that isn't really worth getting worked up over. The fact that it features both Smith and Selma Blair bodes well, and adds at least two reasons to tune in to the two episode premiere. And I'll probably be watching FX at that time anyway, as should you, because Anger Management managed to find itself a nice slot in their solid Thursday line-up which includes the return of Louie and Wilfred as well as Russel Brand's new series Strangely Uplifting

Anger Management premieres Thrusday, June 28 at 9 p.m. ET on FX (with back to back episodes).

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