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Americans like their cooking shows. The same can likely be said for the U.K., so it seems both fitting and exciting to learn that a competition series is in the works to pit British chefs against American chefs in what sounds like an Amazing Race-type competition series with a culinary twist.

Fittingly titled Chef Race: UK Vs. U.S., from what Deadline is reporting, the American chefs might have a slight advantage here, as the series will be set in the U.S. Produced by U.K. chef Jamie Oliver for BBC America, the series will have eight American chefs and eight British chefs racing from Los Angeles to New York in an effort to win $100k. " The contestants have no money and minimal resources, so they must use their resourcefulness, ingenuity, leadership and finesse along with their cooking skills to win."

With the competition set on U.S. soil, the Americans may have home-court advantage on their side. But, of course, the language is the same, and it sounds like cooking know-how may be the most important asset for a competition like this.

While I'm thinking the competitors will be relative unknowns, we'll be seeing some familiar faces on the series, as MasterChef's Richard Corrigan will be on hand as a judge and mentor, and the Food Network's Claire Robinson is set to host. And given the similarities between the format of this one and The Amazing Race, it's good to know that TAR's Amy Chacon is among the executive producers on the series.

As a fan of cooking shows and The Amazing Race, this one sounds like it could be a winner. I especially love watching people cook fast and under pressure. It's a bizarre thing, I'll admit, but it's the reason I'm loving MasterChef right now. If there's fire, that's a bonus too. We'll have to wait and see if Chef Race: UK Vs. U.S. involves rapid cooking challenges when it premieres this fall.

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