Big Love's Chloe Sevigny is already set for a small screen role, joining the FX horror-drama series American Horror Story for its second season. And now it looks like we'll be seeing her in Portlandia at some point in the comedy series' third season.

IFC's Portlandia is a comedy series starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein as two Portland natives living the dream of the '90's (and in the process, poking fun at hipster culture). The third season is set to premiere on IFC in January 2013, and will have Kyle MacLauchlan returning to his role as mayor of Portland. And according to EW, Chloe Sevigny will join the cast for Season 3, playing a character named Alexandra, who moves in with Fred and Carrie. What music does she listen to? Is she a vegan? Has she gone totally gluten free? No additional specifics on her character were mentioned, so we can really only speculate on what kind of quirkiness she might bring to the series.

Sevigny got her start in the unsettling indie drama Kids and has since gone on to play roles in films including Boys Don't Cry, American Psycho and Party Monster. More recently, she played Nicolette Grant in HBO's Big Love, and is set to play a part in the upcoming film Lovelace (which stars Big Love's Amanda Seyfried). Before she heads over to IFC for her stint on Portlandia, we'll see her on FX as "Shelly Nymphomaniac" in American Horror Story: Asylum, which premieres this October.

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