Though we’ve known Lifetime’s The Client List would be getting a second season for a long while, we didn’t know until recently when that season would premiere. Now that Lifetime has chosen a March 10 premiere date for Season 2, it’s no surprise that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced the Season 1 DVD set. The Client List: The Complete First Season will hit DVD on February 26.

The box art kind of says it all, but just in case you missed out on the wild plotlines making up The Client List, I’ll go ahead and indulge you. During the 10 episodes in The Complete First Season, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character, Riley, takes a job at a local spa, eventually learning that the spa gives special treatment of a sort to anyone willing to shell out the extra cash. The work is lucrative, but illegal, and over the course of the first season, Riley must deal with her new profession and keeping her work hidden from family members and friends.

While Blu-ray copies of The Client List will not be available, DVD copies will come with a couple of bonus features. First, copies will come with deleted scenes. Additionally, outtakes will be available. While deleted scenes are often welcome additions to TV sets, it would have been nice to see a few more extras, especially since the list price for the 10-episode season is $45.99. The good news is that Amazon has the set available for pre-order for only $33.99. Still, as it stands, this may only be one to purchase if you really, really find it to be a guilty pleasure.

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