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The Comeback's big comeback now has a premiere month set. While HBO hasn't release the exact date for Valerie Cherish's official return, the premium cable channel has announced that The Comeback will return as a limited comedy series this November, along with the second season of the Laurie Metcalf comedy Getting On.

HBO didn't give up many details about the plot of The Comeback. Created by Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King, the original series ran for one season back in 2006 and starred Lisa Kudrow as Valerie Cherish, a former TV star who sees reality TV as an opportunity to return to the spotlight. The series is presented as the raw footage for a reality show Valerie was starring in, which documented her efforts to make a big comeback with a new starring role in a TV sitcom. The new 6-episode limited series will bring Valerie back, and HBO's vague description says " Valerie thinks she has it all figured out this time. She doesn’t."

It's maddeningly vague. I don't need to see that. But I do need to see The Comeback, so November really can't get here soon enough!

The Comeback is currently in production in Los Angeles. Not only has Lisa Kudrow returned to reprise her role as the lovable and self-unaware Valerie Cherish, but it sounds like we'll see a lot of familiar faces when The Comeback comes back, including Malin Akerman and Kellan Lutz, both of whom played two of Valerie's sitcom co-stars in the original series. And we've already gotten a glimpse of returner Robert Michael Morris, who played Valerie's friend and hairdresser Mickey. It's impossible to imagine Valerie around without Mickey offering advise and occasionally fixing Valerie's hair.

Also confirmed to return are Lance Barber, Dan Bucatinsky, Laura Silverman and Damian Young.

getting on

Moving on to Getting On, HBO says the comedy will be back for its six-episode second season in November as well. Created by Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer, Getting On is based on a BBC series and stars Laurie Metcalf, Alex Borstein, Niecy Nash and Mel Rodriguez and takes place at the Billy Barnes Extended Care Unit of Mt. Palms Hospital in Long Beach, Cal, where the staff looks after female patients, many of whom are "getting on" in years. Metcalf plays Jenna James, a doctor whose aspirations of becoming a medical-research star haven't exactly panned out.

With November months off from now, those who haven't seen The Comeback or Getting On's first seasons have plenty of time to get caught up. Both series are available streaming on HBO Go.

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