The animation panels continue in Ballroom 20 with Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy. Similar to Futurama, it was briefly canceled by Fox before the stellar DVD sales suggested that their was a pretty big audience for the show. It retuned to the network and continues to run strong after nine seasons as one of the top-tier animated comedies on network television. It stars Seth MacFarlane, Mila Kunis, Seth Green, Alex Borstein and Patrick Warburton. I wonder what they have in store for Season 10?

2:07 The panel begins with a bunch of clips from the upcoming season, including a battle between Peter and some super fast barn Building Amish, a rather creepy exchange between Quagmire and Meg when she turns 18 and a pretty inspired drug sequence for Brian. Oh and for some reason Peter and Joe are on trial and the crowd goes crazy when they show the jury-- it's the cast of The Simpsons.

2:12 The panel is introduced. Two executive producers, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Patrick Warburton, Mike Henry (who does an Amy Winehouse joke... too soon?) and Seth MacFarlane who adds, "you didn't ask anyone about doing that joke did you?"

2:14 Ricky Gervais, Cate Blanchett, Ryan Reynolds, Marc Harmon and Anna Kendrick are all set to guest star. Also there's an episode where Stewie and Brian travel back in time to the pilot.

2:17 A young "surfer dude" tells Seth that some random ticket lady loves him before Alex Brostein adds "medical marijuana, available at any age." Will we see Bertam again? MacFarlane says, "Did that air yet? Oh, yeah, he's dead. So no. In animation you can do whatever you want but, he's kind of run his course."

2:22 Going up to the mic seems dangerous. A young man wearing a backwards visor gets roasted by basically the entire panel. "The censors are very much, allies, very objective to protect the company from the FCC but also try to keep the edginess that makes the show."

2:24 Alex interrupts because she saw the sign-language person sign shit, and it wows MacFarlane. Then he says "cunnilingus episode" to make her sign that, adding "you're a trooper." One of the difficult fights with the censor was "hobo penis" says Green, mostly to make her sign that too. This is becoming a great running joke.

2:27 MacFarlane on the movie, "Yes, there will be a Family Guy movie. We've had meeting which makes it real. We know what its going to be. It took The Simpsons 20 years because it's a gigantic job to just do the series."

2:29 Someone tries to roast Seth Green, it doesn't end well as the panel turn on him quick. Seth ends it "next question please." And Alex notices that the switched the signer and wants to "see what his hobo penis looks like."

2:32 The moderator announces that there's only time for one more question, when Seth Green says, "come on, there's only two more people." It turns out that they are daughter and mother, and Green shouts "Why are you trying to break up their family?" They run through some of their favorite jump-cuts, and do a lot of the character voices. Oh, they squeeze the mom's question in. MacFarlane "I wanted to work for Disney believe it or not." Alex signs "bullshit" which prompts her and Seth Green to go on a 5 minute signing rampage. At least they learned something. Cue MacFarlane, "what the fuck was I saying?" What a great panel.

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