Comic-Con 2011: Sanctuary Panel

Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne participated in a panel for Syfy's Sanctuary today at the Indigo Ballroom at Comic-Con, and I have a few interesting tidbits to share with you about the upcoming fourth season, including an announcement that's going to please musical fans!

I'm not a regular viewer of this series, but the panel was definitely entertaining as Tapping, Dunne and moderator Josh Gates (Destination Truth) talked about the show. Here are a few things I learned at the panel that I thought you might like to know., There's one thing that sounded like a spoiler worth warning about, but that ones at the very end and there's a warning in there...

Sanctuary will have a musical episode in Season 4! Some of you may be excited by that, if you're a fan of other series' musical episodes (Buffy, Scrubs), while others may consider the musical thing about played out. Either way, it's coming!

Season 4 is going to be huge. According to Tapping and Dunne, big things are in store for the season, which is set to return with new episodes this October. "There are some hugely emotional scenes."

The sanctuary in Sanctuary is a big green warehouse full of nothing. Apparently, most of what you're seeing in the sanctuary is put in with special effects as the green screen is utilized quite a bit. Tapping sees this as an advantage, saying, "You can't get distracted by the shiny things in the room because there aren't any."

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to metamorphasize. Robin Dunne says his call-time to appear on set is in the middle of the night because of the prosthetics. He joked that he goes right from the bar, to work.

Romance in the air. Helen Magnus will have a romantic story-arc in Season 4. Tapping says the episode is called "Monsoon" and that there's a sexy kiss coming. When asked if it was with a girl or a boy, she responded coyly, "Not saying."

Sanctuary for kids - Tapping is invalid in a charity called Sanctuary For Kids, which is currently trying to raise money to help people in Haiti.

Victorian England (spoilers!) - Helen and John's relationship will be explored more when she goes back to Victorian England. Jack the Ripper will also be involved somehow.

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