Part of the Comic Con experience is enduring the long but usually (relatively) quickly-moving line to pick up your badge and other materials each attendee receives. Among which is a big bag, which can be used to carry all sorts of loot acquired on the floor. Warner Bros. Entertainment and Comic Con have teamed up once again on the oversized 24”x29” bags, which feature a variety of TV shows, as well as a couple of anticipated feature films. Check them out ahead!

Set to be featured on this year's SDCC official bags are Arrow (The CW), The Big Bang Theory (CBS), DC Nation, Fringe (Fox), Supernatural (The CW), The Vampire Diaries (The CW) and feature films Man of Steel and Pacific Rim. You can check out the designs for the TV shows and DC Nation in the gallery below. While it's hard to deny the appeal of the Winchester brothers, and the Arrow design is really cool looking, I think The Big Bang Theory one is my favorite, with the series' "heroes" standing atop a pile of laptop. The whole design has a sort of Star Wars vibe to it that's funny and just the right amount of geeky.

If actual superheroes are your thing, the DC Nation one may do it. And it should be interesting to see what the Man of Steel and Pacific Rim bags look like. (Those weren't among the photos WB Entertainment released today).

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