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The fifth season of Children's Hospital is gearing up and in attendance at the Con are the show’s executive producers Jonathan Stern (Burning Love) and David Wain (Wanderlust) as well as cast members Lake Bell (How to Make It in America), Erinn Hayes (Parenthood), Ken Marino (Party Down) and Rob Huebel (Human Giant). And of course, star and creator Rob Corddry (or, well, someone else in clown makeup). Nothing like a panel full of comedians. Starting things off, some footage!

After the insanity that was the sizzle reel (the docs in combat), David Wain came on stage to introduce not just the panel but the season premiere! As you know, the S4 finale ended with Blake the clown Downs getting shot down so how do you think that is resolved? Is the lead really dead? I won't spoil anything except to say that the staff is headed to Japan. Oh, and John Hamm, Steve Agee and Keegan Michael Key guest star.

After the very funny and clever premiere, Wain danced his way back on stage to introduce the panel. The first few take the stage calmly but Marino can't help but run through the crowd dispensing litres of milk. Oh, and then Huebel also took a lap getting some low-fives. Finally, 'Corddry' (okay, it's Steve Agee) took the stage. Wain follows the rowdy intros by turning things to the crowd for a Q and A. The first Q is delivered a little slowly and sounded pretty critical, not the way to approach a panel of comedians. They ripped him apart. To answer his question though, yes the entire fifth season will take place in Japan.

The next question was asked to 'Corddry' and concerns the fight he had with someone on the Howard Stern Show. After being reminded of what happened Agee, I mean, Corddry says it's all forgiven. Wain wants to reiterate that questions related to their Emmy nomination or the upcoming premiere are certainly welcome. A lady struggles to get out her query, constantly interrupted, but eventually asks if they have a medical consultant. Nope, research is the enemy of creativity.

A lady in the front row leaves and Huebel wants to know why. Number one or two? Three?! Agee adds thats when you pee out your butt. A Blake Downs cosplayer is invited on stage and has her pictured taken with Wain. Any more clowns? No Juggalos. They put another Blake on the spot, making him turn slowly around to see his goods. The next question ruffles a few panel feathers because Huebel is asked how Brazil was and only he and few guys got to go. Sorry, ladies. Wain and the panel turn the tables and ask the next guy a bunch of questions, proclaiming bullshit at each answer.

After asking the girls to finish their interrupted kiss, Huebel tells the crowd to avoid his boner and then brings the signer into the joke asking how to sign hard-on and vagina. 'Corddry' is asked how he got in such good shape for this season and apparently it was a cookie diet. He then stands to show off the physique and his butt. What other guest stars can we look forward to seeing? Besides that jerk Steve Agee. Rob Huebel reads the entire list off his phone. Bill Murray's brother Brian Doyle got the biggest applause. Mostly cause

No more questions? Dance party! Lake does her best. More members of The State coming? Michael Showalter wrote an episode. And Cary Kenny guest stars in another. Back to the signer, "what am I doing here? This is a fucked up panel. These people are nuts but you know who's more nuts, me! I've poinsoned everyone in this room. No one gets out alive!" I did my best to transcribe it all. That's a great place to stop. Wait, hashtag Suits! Paul Scheer then showed up and stole the mic, pretending to be a Suits rep and yelling at them to stop. When tested on his Suits knowledge though, he's not that knowledgable.

Catch the S5 premiere of Children's Hospital this Thursday at midnight on Adult Swim.

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