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Community Celebrates Its Move To Friday For Season 4 With A Musical Video

Community won't be back until October, and when it does return to NBC for its fourth season, it will be on Friday nights. While it's a bit early to set the DVR accordingly, NBC has gone ahead and mashed together a musical video that celebrates the show's move to Friday nights.

The video below serves two purposes, in that it reminds us that Community's moving to Fridays, and it celebrates some of the great moments from episodes' past.

Friday night! Season 4 premieres Friday, October 19 at 8:30 p.m. after the second season premiere of Whitney. It's not an ideal pairing, but I'll take Community on Fridays over Community not on at all… right?

Watching that video really makes me want to rewatch all of Season 3. Fortunately, Community's third season arrives on DVD next week (August 14)! Vulture posted a minute-long gag-reel video from the Season 3 DVD set, which shows some ridiculous and funny moments, including a few that involve vomiting. Just a warning there, things get seriously real in that department, so be prepared!