Conan on Conan, Conan O'Brien Interviews Jason Momoa

I'm pretty sure that I've said this before but Conan O'Brien is by far and away my favorite late night host (I don't count Jon Stewart, he's a different can of genre). Night after night, the former Harvard grad, SNL and The Simpsons writer goes to great and often embarrassing lengths to amuse his audience. And amuse me he does. Above his antics, his monologue and his bizarrely funny skits he's also a fantastic interviewer.

Last night was a special treat because we go to see Conan on Conan. Well, kind of anyways. What we really got to see was Khal Drogo on Conan... wait, that's not right either. The really personable, entertaining and funny Jason Momoa, who is the titular barbarian in the upcoming remake of Conan: The Barbarian as well as the Dothraki Khal, visited the Conan show last night and once again delivered a great interview. For those in attendance at Comic-Con, you are well aware of the high-energy personality that Momoa is and he brought all of his charm to TBS late night.

Take a look a this clip from last night's interview between the two Conans and see just how awesome Momoa is for yourself. The two banter about many things including how Jason had to channel some deep sexual frustration to take on a character named Conan. The red head was not impressed although completely understanding before changing the topic to the proper pronunciation of the name, preferring Momoa's tweeked 'Co-nin' to the Schwarzenegger's drawn out 'Co-naaan.' It's a pretty good time

Conan airs Monday-Thursday on TBS at 11 p.m.