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Conan O’Brien is done. He’ll no longer be the host of NBC’s Late Night after tonight’s show, making room for Jimmy Fallon to enter the chair starting in March. Instead O’Brien is taking over hosting duties from Jay Leno on NBC’s Tonight Show beginning June 1. For years O’Brien has been the high point of the late night talkshow scene, and it’ll be sad to see him leave his chair even though he’s technically getting a promotion.

“I feel like that’s [Tonight Show] sacred ground,” O’Brien told the New York Times. “That’s the job I signed up for, and that’s the job I’m excited about.” Only time will tell if Leno’s new earlier talkshow will take over as the premiere slot in NBC’s talkshow lineup, but it does take a little of the wind out of O’Brien’s sails.

In that vein I hope that Conan doesn’t do a blubbering goodbye on the show tonight. You know what I (not to mention my cousin, who brought the idea to our family’s attention) would like for him to do? O’Brien should end the show with an Irish goodbye. Just stand up, turn around and walk out.

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